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AGI is  a leader in global supply chain management, risk mitigation, supplier development, precision machining and manufacturing, and business process re-engineering. AGI International, Inc. has provided U.S. clients with world class products and services at the lowest total cost. AGI's founder is a former Purchasing and Global Sourcing Director for a U.S. based Multinational OEM where he developed strategy, planning and execution of low cost/best cost country sourcing projects from India, China, Brazil, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim, which is now used by AGI. 

Global Business Solutions


Supplier Development

  • AGI supplier development experts work closely with key U.S.  clients to develop and customize demand chain solutions that fit their unique business requirements.

  • Business solution strategies include:

    • Best cost country sourcing 

    • Engineering

    • Materials and technology management

    • Supplier relations

    • Purchasing and negotiations

    • Procurement and distribution 

    • ooling design and development

    • risk mitigation

Manufacturing Validation

  • AGI adds value to your supplier development by using a 14 point appraisal system to detect supplier capability gaps and uncover impediments that negatively impact quality requirements and customer expectations.

  • We evaluate process, quality control systems, and regulatory requirements in every single step from product design to delivery.

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Logistics and Transportation

  • AGI provides complete 3rd party logistic services which include routing, customs-brokering, sea freight, intra-country freight, and cross-docking.

  • AGI will design, manage, plan, and implement 3rd party logistics forward and reverse supply chain, and demand flow.  ​


  • AGI's sequencing is the staging of steps in a process for optimum efficiencies to complete kitting, assembly and/or packaging of parts.

  • AGI provides delivery of parts (JIT) to the customer to support production demand schedules that eliminate production shortages or excess build-up of inventories. 

Empty Factory
Truck and Warehouse


  • AGI facilitates production pipeline planning and supply chain management from raw materials to conversion, domestic and international shipment to warehousing, and ensures final timely delivery of precision machined parts. 


  • Assembly & Sub-assembly

  • Inspection/Sorting

  • Sequencing

  • Packaging & Packaging Design

  • Kitting

Hardware Warehouse
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